Indigenous Tree Plantation and Organic Gardening

Pakistan’s forest cover has fallen to 2%, against a required 25%. Our plantation campaigns started in 1997, and we promote indigenous trees and plants taking care not to disturb local ecosystems. We have planted more than 100,000 indigenous trees in Pakistan, with a survival rate of more than 80%.

We have also initiated campaigns promoting organic gardening with universities where free seeds and teaching sessions are given. Low income localities have also been targeted to promote awareness of its benefits.

SN has also produced the first guidebook titled “Urban Greens” for people in all cities of Pakistan to take up organic gardening at an individual level.

Awareness and Behavior Change Campaigns and Events

Our behavior change activities aim at addressing the crux of the problem – the misperception that effects of environmental degradation do not affect everyone. We hold various awareness raising events, such as film shows, with reputed organizations including schools, colleges, universities, the industrial, corporate and public sectors.