Education Promotion For Children and Adults

SN promotes education by targeting cross cutting issues, such as increasing access to schools for children and adults with disabilities, provision of solar energy at primary schools in remote rural areas, and helping with vocational skills training. A number of individuals have also been assisted through the educational support fund/scholarships for higher level education. SN plans to directly run schools for the poor in partnership with the public sector as well.

Cancers and many serious conditions have become common in women and children due to environmental degradation. The Eco-Women Movement empowers women to be aware, make the right choices and advocate for change on a self-help basis.

Rainwater Harvesting and Water Conservation Campaigns

Water quality and quantity is one of our main focuses. We have initiated advocacy and awareness campaigns targeting the Federal and Provincial Governments for informing policy, undertaking projects for conservation, rainwater harvesting, and recycling.

Rainwater harvesting has been promoted at household and institutional levels. The CDA in Islamabad has also included it in the building codes as one of the key requirements for housing projects in response to SN’s lobbying.