Advocacy Campaigns

Our advocacy efforts are aimed directly at involving the key decision makers to affect policy, lobby for changes in laws and introduce legislation for the public good. Our advocacy campaigns are taken up on a longer term basis, since policy change requires continuous follow-up and adaptation to dynamic nature of the problems and general environment.
Some of our significant campaigns include lobbying for promoting renewable energy technologies, checking noise and air pollution from rickshaws, ‘Cut Duty; Not Trees Campaign’, promulgation of Consumer Protection Law, and successful declaration of 18th August as ‘Pakistan National Plantation Day’.

Indigenous Tree Plantation and Organic Gardening

Pakistan’s forest cover has fallen to 2%, against a required 25%. Our plantation campaigns started in 1997, and we promote indigenous trees and plants taking care not to disturb local ecosystems. We have planted more than 100,000 indigenous trees in Pakistan, with a survival rate of more than 80%.
We have also initiated campaigns promoting organic gardening with universities where free seeds and teaching sessions are given. Low income localities have also been targeted to promote awareness of its benefits.
SN has also produced the first guidebook titled “Urban Greens” for people in all cities of Pakistan to take up organic gardening at an individual level.
We are a multidimensional organization with a number of highly diverse active projects. Our projects range from providing quality content through our online portal and a dedicated magazine, environmental and health awareness and advocacy campaigns, and services related to research and development, and consultancy.

Pakistan Environment and Health Portal: Pakistan’s First Comprehensive Internet Resource On Environment And Health (

The Pakistan Environment and Public Health Portal is a first of its kind resource designed towards meeting the information needs of students, technocrats, writers, journalists and media personnel. This is a one-stop solution, hosting facts, figures, and policy reports, driven by dedicated experts.

Awareness and Behavior Change Campaigns and Events

Our behavior change activities aim at addressing the crux of the problem – the misperception that effects of environmental degradation do not affect everyone. We hold various awareness raising events, such as film shows, with reputed organizations including schools, colleges, universities, the industrial, corporate and public sectors.

Education Promotion For Children and Adults

SN promotes education by targeting cross cutting issues, such as increasing access to schools for children and adults with disabilities, provision of solar energy at primary schools in remote rural areas, and helping with vocational skills training. A number of individuals have also been assisted through the educational support fund/scholarships for higher level education. SN plans to directly run schools for the poor in partnership with the public sector as well.

Eco-women Movement

Cancers and many serious conditions have become common in women and children due to environmental degradation. The Eco-Women Movement empowers women to be aware, make the right choices and advocate for change on a self-help basis.

Rainwater Harvesting and Water Conservation Campaigns

Water quality and quantity is one of our main focuses. We have initiated advocacy and awareness campaigns targeting the Federal and Provincial Governments for informing policy, undertaking projects for conservation, rainwater harvesting, and recycling.
Rainwater harvesting has been promoted at household and institutional levels. The CDA in Islamabad has also included it in the building codes as one of the key requirements for housing projects in response to SN’s lobbying.

“Adopt a Park” Schemes

Promoting public-private partnerships for better environment has been one of our key strategies. Through this scheme, 64 parks, numerous roundabouts, bus stops and playgrounds have been developed by private companies and individuals in Karachi. These efforts served both in saving public funds, directing them towards development of basic amenities, while at the same time saving these open spaces from encroachment.

Sports Promotion

Recognizing its contributions, SN became the only NGO in the country’s history to receive the status of a national affiliated sports body. We believe that sports play a critical role in nurturing mentally and physically healthy children. We have supported meritorious players and officials, especially in tennis. SN arranges various international, national and local events.

SN Disability Reduction and Rehabilitation Program

SN’s Disability Reduction and Rehabilitation Program (SNDRRP) was put together originally for sportsmen suffering serious injuries, but was later expanded in response to the tragic October 2005 earthquake. The program is committed to avoiding disabilities, and helps to successfully transition the disabled from facilities to the community. Collaborating partners include Toronto Rehab, the International Center for Disability and Rehabilitation at the University of Toronto, one of the world’s most prestigious rehabilitation sciences programs, besides many other international and national organizations.

SN Relief Program

SN’s formulates need based relief responses especially in areas of medical relief, health education, water and sanitation and rehabilitation of educational and medical services. For the recent flooding, SN started with contributing food and non-food items (NFIs) to various organizations and individuals who were present in the field, and that had built a supply chain in the affected areas of KP, Punjab and Sindh provinces.

Patients’ Welfare Fund, Education Support Fund, Artists’ and Players’ Welfare Fund

Over the years, we have developed flexible funds offering support to different segments of deserving people. Our Patients’ Welfare Fund supports treatment for medical, surgical and disability related conditions, while we offer scholarships under our Education Support Fund. The Artists’ and Players’ Welfare Fund sponsors initiatives to develop and support art and sports in the country.

Development Research and Evaluation

Our work demands corroboration through research and strong intellectual support for identifying issues, their root causes and framing practical solutions. We have conducted and commissioned many studies on diverse issues.

Consultancy Services

Our strong team of professionals offer consultancy services in areas of public health, environmental health, environmental management, disaster management, education, management sciences, and other social sector areas, to various reputed organizations such as the UK Department for International Development, the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank.